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Our Daycare

This is not your average daycare!  We have a great program to give your dog and family what you want: a calm, well trained, happy dog.  Don’t feel bad about working a long day; your dog gets to hang out with his friends all day.  We should all have it so good!

Since our daycare was developed by a trainer, it is tailored towards what the dogs need. There are two different daycare rooms, one for the big dogs and one for the little dogs, and an extra training room if you would like your dog to be worked with one on one during daycare hours! Our floor is a special 1/inch rubber mat.  We have double gates at EVERY entrance and exit. There is an outdoor potty area where the dogs are taken out every hour. We also have tons of toys for your dog to play with. We are here for the dogs 

All dogs must be interviewed and pass an evaluation prior to being accepted into daycare. We are checking to make sure your dog enjoys playing with other dogs and is not aggressive. The interview is free, so give us a call or stop in to schedule your dog to be evaluated! Please call or email to set up your interview.

*Dogs that have been in a kennel or other facility that boards dogs or a Dog Park must wait 30 days before re-entering day care.  If you bring your dog in before 30 days you are liable for any treatment other dogs may need if they become ill as a result of your dog.

Here’s a typical day for Bailey the dog:

7am-9am: Get dropped off at daycare.

9am-11am: Play with balls and chase my friends around.

11am-1pm: Take a little break and earn some yummy treats.

1pm-4pm: Run around with my friends some more!

4pm-7pm: Take a break and wait for mom or dad to pick me up.

Go home tired and happy!

Daycare Hours
Monday - Friday

Drop Off


Day Care Packages
*All packages are subjected to sales tax *

1 Day     $34

5 Days    $155

10 Days  $290

20 Days  $540

30 Days  $750

Training done in store

$1 per minute

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